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Michelle Wie West Signature Series

  • LA Golf partner Michelle Wie West's signature colorway graces her favorite woods, hybrids, irons and putter offerings from the A-Series and P-Series.
  • The wood, hybrid, and iron shafts each have unique flight profiles, tailored spin, and launch characteristics (High, Mid, Low) for a simplified fitting system suiting all swing types.
  • High: High Launch, Mid Spin
  • Mid: Mid Launch, Mid Spin 
  • LowLow Launch, Low Spin 
  • The putter shaft is extremely stiff and has low torque, minimizing deflection/bending commonly found in traditional steel shafts on longer putts. This leads to better distance control and ensures the ball starts on its intended line. The shaft incorporates a proprietary material that produces the unique and superior feel.
  • P-Series is a straight shaft and fits into L-neck style/shaft in hosel putters only. 
  • P-Series 105 and P-Series 135 come uncut at 36” in .370 or .355 tip. 
  • P-Series 180 armlock comes uncut at 46” in .370 tip only.
Standard Production Time is 7-10 business days